This is the oldest piece of equipment in the Museum's collection. Originally built as a coal burner, by the Brooks Works of the American Locomotive Company in July, 1906, it was converted to oil in July, 1929. It served as a freight locomotive, on the main line in its early years and then as a switcher and branch line locomotive, including the Wichita Valley until its retirement and donation to the Wichita Falls' Rotary Club on May 24, 1955. It was moved to the Museum, from its long-time display in Wichita Falls' Rotary Park on April 12, 1997, through the efforts of the citizens of Wichita Falls and the T. C. White Foundation. This is one of three FW&D stream locomotives still in existence, the other two are in Childress (#501) and Marshall, Texas (#410 painted and lettered as Texas & Pacific #400). 

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