The oldest passenger car in the museum's collection, it represents one of the earliest all-steel Pullman sleepers, built in August/September, 1913. It originally contained 10 open sections, 2 compartments, and 1 drawing room and was named the Matagorda. The car was air-conditioned in 1930, and when purchased in 1948 by the Missouri Pacific, over whose lines it had operated, it was renamed as part of the Rio series. At the time of purchase it also received the blue and gray Eagle paint scheme. In the late '60s, when the car entered maintenance-of-way service as the 3383, it was repainted aluminum and all but five sections were removed. The compartments and drawing room were also removed and replaced with a kitchen and lunch counter for the work crew. The car was eventually sold to the Smith & Chambers scrap firm of Washington State, who donated the car to the Museum in November of 1990. The Museum has restored the car's Eagle paint scheme.

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